TEKMILL: Bringing design to life.


Who We Are

Since 2015, TEKMILL has been passionately serving its clients with top-tier design engineering locally in Central Illinois and with a growing number of clients across the nation.

Wanting to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing for early stage companies, founder Gary Durack envisioned a firm that could bring ideas to life from the initial design to full scale production. He found the need for this beneficial pairing of services was greatest among start-ups and tech entrepreneurs. Building a reputation for excellence and flexibility, TEKMILL has also become the solution for industry leaders needing a collaborative partner in product development.

Strong design and excellence in manufacturing have put TEKMILL in a class of its own. TEKMILL’s deep engineering expertise has significantly accelerated businesses in the life sciences, medical, automotive, industrial, and automation industries. Whether a client needs rapid prototyping, parts re-engineering, product development, or large-scale manufacturing, TEKMILL is ready to deliver.

What We Do

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