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Rapid and Compact SampleTest Tube Processing Machine

Process Thousands of COVID-19 Diagnostics Tubes a Day

Accelerate preparation for RT-PCR testing with up to 10,000 centrifuge tubes per day in a small form factor.

Streamline your testing with the ability to process centrifuge tubes ranging in size from 4ml to 50ml.

Accepts a Wide Range of Sample Tubes and Centrifuge Sizes

Intuitive, user-friendly tube processing machine with robust machine vision automates your RT-PCR preparation.

Comes Configured to Fast & Easy Deployment

Get a Test Tube Filling Machine Shipped to Your Lab Today

Save money while increasing throughput with a state-of-the-art design that expedites test tube filling while remaining affordable.

Reliable Results for an Affordable Price

Process, fill, cap, and read barcodes of up to 10,000 centrifuge tubes per day with a test tube processing machine that fits anywhere in your lab

A Tube Processing System that Guarantees Speed without Sacrificing Accuracy

50ml Tube Capacity

Process hundreds of tubes at a time with an innovative vial and capping machine.

Sample Tracking

Barcode reading allows you to track your samples and keep your process organized.


Automated front-end preparation of samples for pooled diagnostic RT-PCR COVID testing.

Rapid Processing

Process up to 10,000 test tubes per day with a compact machine that won’t clutter your lab.

The machine will automate tube racing, saving time and labor while increasing processing speed.

Auto-Rack Tubes

A peristaltic pump dispenses fluid into the test tubes, ensuring fluid only touches the reservoir and the tube.

Sterile Fluid Delivery

Images and Videos of Test Tube Processing Machine

Keep Costs Down

Our vial filling and capping machine will generate increased throughput without driving up costs

Easy to Use

Get fast test tubes filling, capping, and processing with a machine that’s simple to use and easy to install.

Compact Size

Get the benefits of a test tube filling and processing system at a size that will fit anywhere in your lab.

Intuitive User Interface

Doesn’t require specialized training or calibration to use. Can begin working the moment it arrives in your lab.

An Innovative Centrifuge Tube Filling Machine Ready to Meet Today’s Demands

Preempt process failures with a user-friendly and reliable machine that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep.

High Reliability and Uptime

Manual processing can lead to injuries for lab technicians. Avoid injuries via automation with our tube processing machine.

Reduce Injuries

How Our Tube Processing System Stands Out from the Crowd


Vials can be processed daily with machine vision-guaranteed accuracy


Vial acceptance so you can test a variety of samples


Tubes can be placed in the machine at once, ensuring swift and reliable mass-testing.

Get Automated and Reliable Test Tube Processing

Track Your Tests

Keep track of your samples and tests, linking positive and non-positive results.

Waste no time on complicated calibration or installation, arrives ready to use.

Easy Implementation and Installation

Process thousands of centrifuge tubes a day with confidence.

Accurate and Fast Testing

Simplify your process with a compact and easy-to-use machine that can decap, rack, cap, and fill tubes.

Intuitive Test Tube Processing

Get a Test Tube Filling Machine Shipped to Your Lab Today

Accelerate your testing process with a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use test tube processing machine.

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