SARS-CoV-2 Testing Automation

Accelerate preparation for RT-PCR testing and process up to 10,000 coronavirus samples per day. Used for the University of Illinois SHIELD ™ SARS-CoV-2 Saliva testing program and the Broad Institute Pooled Dry Swab screening program.

Lab Automation

The Market-Leading Solution For SARS-CoV-2 Testing Lab Automation

The laboratory automation solution for the pre-analytical processing of samples for COVID-19 pooled diagnostic RT-PCR testing.

Increase Capacity

Process up to 10,000 tubes per day at a cycle time of 9.3s per tube

Reduce Costs

Scale high-throughput testing without the added labor costs

Improve Safety

Reduce the potential viral exposure of your lab techs with an automated process

Reduce Errors

Reduce technical errors (e.g., mismatch of specimen ID and microwell location)

Reduce risk

Decrease repetitive motion injury caused by manual de-capping and pipetting

Built to ship

Our machine is built to ship anywhere within the U.S. with minimal installation

Lab automation solutions for coronavirus testing

Covid19 Sample Automation Solutio All RT-PCR Diagnostic Methods.

An Innovative Solution To Streamline
The Pre-Analytical Processing of Samples

  • Process Pooled Dry Swab 50ml tubes​
  • Floor standing​
  • Accepts 50ml tubes with dry swabs (< 20)​
  • Barcode capable ​
  • De-caps 50ml tubes
  • Fill with programmable fill​
  • Loads racks with uncapped tubes​
  • Cycle time = 9.3s (10,000 tubes per day)
  • Reagent volume measure with alarm​
  • Compatible with reagent cubes​​
  • Separate sort of de-cap errors​
  • 450 tube conveyor load option​
  • Computer vision to prevent rack errors​
  • Removeable trays used to transfer samples
  • Used for the Broad Institute screening program

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