SARS-CoV-2 Testing Automation

Accelerate preparation for RT-PCR testing and process up to 10,000 test tube samples per day. Used for the University of Illinois SHIELD ™ SARS-CoV-2 Saliva testing program and the Broad Institute Pooled Dry Swab screening program.

The market-leading solution for SARS-CoV-2 testing automation


Laboratory automation for the pre-analytical processing of samples for pooled diagnostic RT-PCR COVID testing

Increase capacity

Process up to 10,000 tubes per day

Reduce errors

Reduce technical errors (e.g., mismatch of specimen ID and microwell location)

Reduce costs

Scale high-throughput testing without the added labor costs

Reduce risk

Decrease repetitive motion injury caused by manual de-capping and pipetting

Built to ship

Our machine is built to ship anywhere within the U.S. with minimal installation

  • Process Pooled Dry Swab 50ml tubes​
  • Floor standing​
  • Accepts 50ml tubes with dry swabs ( < 20 )​
  • Barcode capable ​
  • De-caps 50ml tubes
  • Fill with programmable fill​
  • Loads racks with uncapped tubes​
  • Cycle time = 9.3s (10,000 tubes per day)
Covid19 Sample Automation Solutio All RT-PCR Diagnostic Methods.
  • Reagent volume measure with alarm​
  • Compatible with reagent cubes​​
  • Separate sort of de-cap errors​
  • 450 tube conveyor load option​
  • Computer vision to prevent rack errors​
  • Removeable trays used to xfer samples
  • Used for the Broad Institute screening program

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