UIUC Fabrication
at the Shared Fabrication Center

Exclusive to the University of Illinois Research Park in Urbana-Champaign, The TEKMILL Shared Fabrication Center is the embodiment of the Tekmill mission: bringing the best ideas into the marketplace as rapidly as possible.

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The Need

A safe, well managed work space

Large companies come to UIRP to interact with its students and its faculty. Several have requested an industrial space where they can work with students and faculty on proprietary projects. The Tekmill Shared Fabrication Center provides a space for teams to work on these projects safely, training to use the equipment confidently, and resources to finish prototypes professionally.

The Space

  • 1,500 SF shared work space
  • 3,000 SF for configured private spaces
  • 20’ Overhead door and access to forklift
  • Experienced engineers, designers and machinists onsite
  • Shared tools, 3D printers, and machines
  • Access to onsite machining, welding, and fabrication equipment and services.

The Program

  • Monthly membership fee
  • Private spaces available for additional fees
  • Private spaces can grow or shrink every three months depending on the need
  • Safety training and oversight
  • Seminars and social activities geared toward member interest
  • SolidWorks Design training and assistance

Tekmill is located at 210 Hazelwood Dr., in the heart of UIRP. It provides an industrial maker space for UIRP companies adjacent to a functioning machining and fab facility. Moveable wall panels allow easy reallocation of space to meet member needs.


  • Safe, professionally supervised
  • Suitable for proprietary work
  • Training in all manner of design/fab
  • Adjusts to member needs
  • Easy transition to professional design and fab services
  • Work side by side with experienced professionals
  • A place where students and companies can succeed

Using SolidWorks™, ZEMAX™ & Surfcam™ the team helps TEKMILL clients create cost-effective, reliable assemblies & products.

TEKMILL maintains a highly qualified team of mechanical, electrical, software engineers experienced in the development of products ranging from biomedical instrumentation to industrial automation.

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