Machine Shop Services
in Champaign IL

No matter the challenge, the highly qualified team at TEKMILL is ready to provide engineering solutions.


Machine Shop Services

TEKMILL’s integrated machine shop located in Champaign IL provides a multitude of services that create an end-to-end solution for your manufacturing needs. CNC Machining and Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping, as well as large-scale industrial assembly and component assembly are just some of the services conveniently housed within TEKMILL’s facilities. Offering the highest quality, 20+ years of experience, and short turnaround times, TEKMILL’s machine shop is the solution for whole product manufacturing.


Machining &




laser cutting &
3d machining

Rapid Prototyping

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

TEKMILL’s certified CMM is available to measure, with incredible precision, the critical  dimensions of your part. This robotic arm uses touch-sensitive probes to verify the specifications have been met and the part is within tolerance. The CMM is also available to certify parts you have already made.

Product Manufacturing

TEKMILL delivers small, medium, and large-scale manufacturing combined with on-site engineering services. Our highly skilled technicians manufacture and assemble products in many industries, including automotive, custom OEM equipment, and medical device. TEKMILL is the solution for your manufacturing needs.

Machining and Fabrication

TEKMILL delivers high precision fabrication and finishing, CNC machining, and welding services to a wide array of industries including defense, automotive, and medical device. Staffed with machinists averaging 20+ years of experience, your parts and precision manufactured products are made to the highest quality.


Using SolidWorks™, ZEMAX™ & Surfcam™ the team helps TEKMILL clients create cost-effective, reliable assemblies & products.

TEKMILL maintains a highly qualified team of mechanical, electrical, software engineers experienced in the development of products ranging from biomedical instrumentation to industrial automation.

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