Industrial Staples Automation Project

Tekmill understood this Pallet Manufacturing customer’s need and quickly designed and built industrial stapling automation that met their production requirements.


Custom Industrial
Stepler Machine Project

A company that manufactures shipping pallets and custom packaging contacted us with a need to quickly design and build a an industrial stapling machine. Their customer’s packaging required two boards stapled so that a banding strap could pass between them. They required a throughput of 6 per minute with manual loading. In this case, the customer had recently experienced a devastating fire and desperately needed this equipment to meet production requirements.

Tekmill designed, built, tested, and delivered the custom stapling equipment shown.  It drives 10 staples in two pre-cut boards in less than 2 seconds and takes 3 seconds to manually load. The entire project was completed 16 weeks after receiving the customer order.  The client has since used this machine to deliver tens of thousands of pallets that used the stapled component.

The design included:

  • Two-hand safety switch for activation
  • PLC Controller
  • Five modified industrial staplers
  • A custom pneumatic system with integrated accumulators
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Electrical and optical safety sensors

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