Industrial Fixture Project & Mechanical Fixtures

Tekmill worked closely with this Automotive client to design and build fixtures that improved both the production efficiency and the ergonomics of their assembly lines.


Industrial Mechanical fixtures Project

A client approached TEKMILL with the challenge to design and build fixtures that would hold their product as it moved through the fabrication processes in the factory. Creative solutions were needed for the product to be held securely while going through these processes. Some of these fixtures were also required to hold two components at once, creating additional challenges. The client did not have the time or resources to devote to an in-house solution and were in need of design, project management, as well as complete manufacturing.

With regular review meetings internally and with the client, taking them through to the final design approval and build out, TEKMILL delivered a complete end-to-end solution.

The outcome was a fully functional, robust fixture, with designs provided to the client and the fixtures manufactured. The client is actively using these fixtures successfully and has engaged TEKMILL for additional fixture styles.

TEKMILL’s excellent Mechanical Fixtures Engineering, CNC manufacturing, and Welding services were utilized for this project.

From first designs to the finished product, TEKMILL has you covered.

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