Design Engineering
by Mill Engineers

No matter the challenge, the highly qualified team at TEKMILL is ready to provide engineering solutions.


From concept and engineering design to prototyping and finished product, TEKMILL engineers offer their expertise and experience in every aspect of product development. With a dedicated team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, TEKMILL collaborates with clients to bring ideas to market.

Product Development

Simple or complex, TEKMILL engineers are ready to design your next product. Working closely with clients to ensure satisfaction, TEKMILL provides a thorough plan with design reviews at each critical stage.  From first designs to prototypes and manufacturing, TEKMILL collaborates with you to bring your concept to life.


Increasing throughput and efficiency, TEKMILL implements custom robotic solutions to automate light manufacturing tasks such as assembly and fluid handling. In industries like that of automotive, TEKMILL integrates state-of-the-art industrial robotic systems to upgrade and automate manufacturing plants. Our engineers perform a no cost, on-site visit to your facility and determine the most efficient, cost-effective, and safe method for your production.


Remove manufacturing roadblocks by partnering with TEKMILL engineers to recreate the legacy parts for your essential equipment. The TEKMILL team can build 3D models for manufacturing and provide detail drawings for your records and future production.

Virtual and Mixed Reality

TEKMILL VR developers take your 3D models and turn them into a fully 3D audio/visual experience. These greatly enhance the experience of the model by providing a life-like presentation of a product and space. TEKMILL can also couple a virtual reality experience with physical devices and models for a mixed reality experience. Mixed reality is ideal for training scenarios with automated feedback to instructors and/or algorithms.

Rapid Prototyping

When project deadlines require a quick turnaround time, TEKMILL is ready to provide  cost-effective and efficient solutions. An in-house machine shop and rapid prototyping tools, such as 3D Printing and Laser Etching, allow TEKMILL engineers to create your physical prototypes while satisfying your deadline.


With the benefit of many years of experience meeting customer and industry requirements, TEKMILL mechanical engineers carefully design and review each component and assembly to ensure success for manufacturing. TEKMILL engineers specialize in designing components to tight tolerances suitable medical and optical applications.

  • 3D solid modeling (Solidworks)
  • Detail drawings
  • Optical layouts (ZEMAX)
  • Manufacturing design 
  • Component re-engineering
  • Rapid prototyping

ELECTRICAL / Computer engineering

TEKMILL offers a range of electrical and electronic engineering services. TEKMILL engineers have expertise in PCB Design, Robotics, Firmware Development, and EMC for custom products.

  • Circuit board/PCB design
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Control Systems
  • Robotics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Firmware/Embedded system
    • High level/low-level hardware/software integration
    • Linux kernel development
    • Digital circuits
    • Bootloaders

SOFTWARE engineering

TEKMILL software expertise spans from embedded systems and low-level integration for devices to app and 3D app development for VR and AR. Also, our creatives develop animations for product demonstration and education.

  • Mobile app development (Android, iOS)
  • Virtual Reality Apps and Simulation
  • Augmented Reality Apps and Simulation
  • 3D Animation

Using SolidWorks™, ZEMAX™ & Surfcam™ the team helps TEKMILL clients create cost-effective, reliable assemblies & products.

TEKMILL maintains a highly qualified team of mechanical, electrical, software engineers experienced in the development of products ranging from biomedical instrumentation to industrial automation.

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