COVID-19 Automation

  • Learn how to process up to 10,000 sample tubes per day with a single automated system
  • Learn how to automate and streamline the initial processing of samples
  • Increase your testing capacity while reducing costs and creating a safer environment for laboratory technicians

COVID-19 Automation Ebook

Learn How To Increase COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Accelerate Capacity

Process up to 10,000 tubes per day with a single system, and up to 100,000 COVID-19 pooled samples/day.


Improve Lab Safety

Reduce the potential viral exposure of your lab technicians with an automated pre-analytical processing of samples.


Improve Test Accuracy

Reduce tech errors that occur during the pre-analytical phase (e.g., mismatch of specimen ID &  microwell location).


Reduce Risk and Costs

Decrease repetitive motion injury caused by manual de-capping and pipetting. Scale though-put testing while saving costs.


About The e-Book

In this guide, we share how to accelerate COVID-19 processing capacity with a robotic system that can help laboratories save time and reduce labor costs. Learn how to obtain more accurate pre-analytical results with computer vision and barcode reading.

Learn how two major COVID-19 screening programs achieve large scale COVID-19 testing with fast turnarounds.

Learn how to reduce the potential viral exposure of laboratory technicians with an automated process that  reduces the risk of repetitive motion injury.


COVID-19 Automation Ebook

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