Bob Rauschenberger has extensive experience in machining, fabrication, and the development of prototype instrumentation. Over his 40-year career, Bob has worked for several instrument companies like SLM Instruments and iCyt Visionary Bioscience. An entrepreneur in his own right, Bob started his own machining business, Bob’s Proto Machining, Inc., in 1989.

In 2005 his business was acquired by Gary Durack, who continued to profitably operate the business with Bob as IFab Precision Prototyping until its assets were sold to the Sony Corporation in 2009. Bob continued to lead the Sony machine shop until 2014 when Sony moved operations out of the Champaign area. A partner in the TEKMILL, Bob provides design advice and CNC programming to TEKMILL clients. Bob earned a Bachelors Degree in Religion from Illinois Wesleyan University, a Master of Divinity from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, and a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Technology from Eastern Illinois University.

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